This girl is the one in the yellow collar and has a very sweet personality. She is our more shy girl of the litter of 9. Contrary to most of her siblings, who are instantly naughty no matter where they go, it takes her a few minutes to warm up to a new environment and people. However, once she does, she's sweet as can be and loves to play. Her favorite activities include beating up her siblings...
This girl is wearing the teal collar and is the whole package! She is absolutely fabulous! Her coloring and markings are outstanding and she has a personality to match. She is the feisty one out of her 8 siblings and loves to be naughty! She is instantly comfortable in any new environment/situation. She's extremely social, overly friendly and loves to play. She can turn any object into a toy bu...
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F5's on sale. $600.00 each. Raised inside our home. all male. 1 mink snow female www.tarzanprints.com
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